Phase IV Renovations

Club members can expect to see a few more improvements in the very near future. Phase IV renovations will take place as early as this winter. There are four parts to this project, none of which will interrupt any services.

Details of the renovations include:

  • Cafe located on the second floor adjacent to the elevator

  • Family recreation area located on the first floor under the cafe

  • Entryway and member check-in reconfiguration

  • Front facade update

If budget allows, other improvements could be added to this phase of renovations. Possible add-ons include renovations to the fitness locker rooms and restrooms off of the Mind & Body Studio, an update to the elevator, or separation from the complex's fire panel system allowing for a stand-alone system.

In addition to Phase IV renovations, the Club will be replacing it’s 28-year old cooling tower for the HVAC system and updating the internal security camera system.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a member of Germantown Athletic Club!