MY club account

Members have the capability to view check-in history, enroll in a program, reserve a racquetball court, edit billing information and lots more without stepping foot into the Club.

First Time Users

Login using your User ID which is the barcode on your key tag. Please note the User ID will serve as both your Membership ID and Password at your initial login.

Helpful Hints…

  • Login as the person enrolling in the class or course. For example, if a child is enrolling in a program, the adult should login under the child’s Membership ID number.

  • If you are enrolling in a program/course, ensure there is a course associated with your online payment. Simply placing money on your account does not act as enrollment.

  • If you do not know your Member ID or get locked out please contact the Customer Service Desk at (901) 757-7370.

  • Ensure your phone number and email address is up to date on your account. If there are any problems with your purchase or appointment we can contact you immediately.

  • This service is available for Club members only. Non-members can register for programs at the Customer Service Desk.

(901) 757-7370 OR EMAIL US.