• Club ID card is required for admittance.

  • Lost cards are replaced for a fee of $10.

  • Adult memberships are for those ages 19 through 61.

  • Senior memberships are for those ages 62 and older.

  • Renewing members are not subject to the application fee unless their membership lapses more than 60 days. Members choosing to rejoin within the 60 day period will be responsible for those monthly dues.

  • Members must give a 30-day notice in order to cancel, downgrade or freeze their membership.

  • Must be 12 years of age to be in facility without guardian supervision.


  • Members may receive a number of free guest passes each year. The number varies according to payment option. Free guest passes allow access to the facility. This does not include Child Care.

  • Additional guest passes may be purchased.

  • Members must be present when checking their guests into the Club.

  • All guests must sign a waiver before utilizing Club amenities and services.

  • Members are limited to 2 guests per day.

  • Guest passes expire one year after issuance.

  • Guest fees for non-members ages 12 and up are $20 per day. Guest fees for non-members ages 11 and under are $10 per day.

  • Guests ages 11 and under who utilize Child Care must purchase a $10 guest fee.

  • Local guests may visit the Club up to 5 times. The guest must become a member if he or she wishes to visit the Club more than the allotted times.

  • Guests over 16 years of age must present a government issued ID at each visit.

  • Members under the age of 16 are only allowed to utilize guest pass privileges with a member 18 years of age or older.


  • All members must check in by scanning their member barcode upon arrival.

  • A responsible adult member (18 years of age or older) must accompany children younger than 12 years at all times, unless the child is involved in a specifically scheduled program offered by the Club.

  • Children ages 11 and under should be checked in to one of the child care areas.

  • A shirt and shoes are required at all times, with the exception of the pool decks.

  • Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the facility. 

  • The Club is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking and smokeless tobacco products are not allowed.

  • Profanity, abusive language, fighting, and horseplay are not permitted anywhere in the facility.

  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in adult locker room facilities or sauna.  Boys’ and girls’ locker facilities are provided for children younger than 16 years of age.  Family changing rooms are also available to members.

  • Club management and staff are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.  Lockers are provided for members.  Video monitoring is used in and around the Club for member safety.

  • Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.  We do not accept American Express. A current driver’s license must be shown with credit card and check purchases.

  • The Club is for recreational use only and is not to be used by members for personal or financial gain.  Such activities include, but are not limited, to, private swim lessons, private sports lessons, personal training, or business solicitation.

  • Scheduled program activities receive priority over all other activities.

Pool & Hot Tub Area

  • Swimsuits are required in the pool.  Cut-offs and athletic shorts are not allowed.

  • Locker facilities are provided for personal belongings.

  • No horseplay is permitted in the pool area or hot tub.

  • Diving is allowed in designated areas only.  Diving off the sides of the pool or in the shallow end of the pool is prohibited.

  • During open swim, inflatable rafts, snorkels, masks, etc. are not permitted without consent of the aquatics coordinator or building management.

  • Lap swim area is restricted to individuals swimming laps.  The Club provides at least three lap lanes for members except when the pool is closed for special events.

  • Recreational swimming is not allowed in designated lap lanes.

  • Non-swimmers are restricted to the shallow water area.

  • Children who are non-swimmers or must swim with a personal flotation device must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • No glass containers in the pool area.

  • Anyone with skin lesions or evidence of disease will be restricted from the use of the pool.

  • No chewing gum, spitting or spouting of water is allowed.

  • Profanity, abusive language, fighting, and horseplay are not permitted.

  • Swim diapers are required for all children who wear diapers.

  • Any person or persons unable to swim or stand in the pool or hot tub must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in the water and within arms’ reach at any point in time.

  • Children younger than 12 years of age are prohibited from using the hot tub.

  • Individuals with heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia or other medical problems should consult a physician before using the hot tub.

  • All hot tub users must shower before entering the hot tub.

  • Do not exceed 15 minutes in the hot tub.  Extended use can cause nausea, dizziness, etc.

 Fitness Area

  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the fitness area unless they have completed the youth weight floor introductory program available to children ages 14-15.  Children completing the introductory program must be accompanied by an authorized adult over the age of 18.

  • Children ages 12 and over are allowed access to the cardio equipment located on the cardio deck but are not allowed in the fitness area.

  • A 30-minute time limit for cardio equipment is in effect when others are waiting.

  • Members are encouraged to work-in/share strength training equipment when others are waiting.

  • Shirts and closed-toe shoes are required at all times.  Sandals and flip flops are not permitted.

  • Clothing revealing bare chest, sides, back, or midriff is not permitted (i.e. bathing suits, low-cut tank tops, sports bras.)  Mesh or see-through clothing is not permitted.  Denim jeans or cut-offs are not permitted.

  • Dropping of weights is not permitted.

  • Members are encouraged to wipe down equipment when finished.  Wipe dispensers are conveniently located throughout the fitness area.

  • Members are responsible for putting away weights and other apparatus at the conclusion of their workout.

  • Profanity, abusive language, fighting, and horseplay are not permitted.

 Locker Rooms & saunas

  • Children younger than 16 years of age are prohibited in adult locker facilities and the sauna.

  • Lockers in the pool locker rooms are for daily use only.  Lockers are available for rental in fitness area locker rooms.

  • The contents of lockers designated for daily use only will be removed nightly.

  • Members are encouraged to use caution in the locker rooms as floors may be wet.

  • Shower before entering the sauna is recommended.

  • Do not turn the sauna off.

  • Towels or bathing suits are required while using the sauna.

  • Be mindful of those around you by respecting personal space and keeping the sound level down.

  • Keep the sauna door closed.

  • Do not pour water on heating units in the sauna.

  • Do not use the sauna for drying personal items.

  • Shaving is not allowed in the sauna.

  • Exercising is not permitted in the sauna.

  • Members who feel faint, or experience shortness of breath or dizziness should refrain from using the sauna.

Cardio Deck & Track

  • Traffic direction signs are posted in the track area.  Walkers should stay in the inside lane, joggers in the middle and runners in the outside lane.

  • No standing or loitering is allowed on the track.  No sprinting is allowed during heavy usage hours.  Always run, walk or jog with the traffic flow.

  • Proper court or running shoes should be worn.  No shoes with spikes are permitted.

  • Use caution while entering and leaving the track area.  Stretching and flexibility exercises should be done before entering the track.

  • Spitting on or in the track area is prohibited.

  • Children under 12 must be within an arm’s length distance of an adult while using the track.

  • Strollers are not permitted.

  • Limit workouts to 30 minutes if equipment is full and others are waiting.

  • Wipe down cardio equipment at the end of each workout. Please refrain from cleaning the personal viewing screens.

  • Content showing on the cardio personal viewing screens must be appropriate for all viewers.

  • Children under the age of 12 are not permitted on the cardio deck.


  • Appropriate gym attire is required at all times.  A shirt and proper, non-marking court shoes must be worn.

  • Dunking the basketball is prohibited.

  • Profanity, abusive language, fighting and horseplay are not permitted.

  • When courts are busy, management will determine whether or not full court play is allowed.

  • Full court play is not allowed on both courts simultaneously.


  • Reservations may be made by members a minimum of two hours, but no more than twenty-four hours prior to the reservation time.

  • Reservations must be made at the customer service desk.

  • Court time is limited to one hour of continuous play.

  • Appropriate gym attire is required at all times.  A shirt and proper, non-marking court shoes must be worn.

  • Protective eye-wear must be worn at all times and is available for use with proper ID.

Group Fitness

  • Children not participating in a group fitness class must be checked into the Club’s child care area.

  • Classes are first-come/first-served based upon availability of equipment.

  • Children ages 14 and up may participate in group fitness equipment classes.

Child Care

  • Child Care accepts children 8 weeks to 11 years of age.

  • A Child Care Waiver must be completed prior to utilizing Child Care. This must be completed annually.  Parents must sign in and inform staff of their planned location in the Club.

  • Children may utilize Child Care for a maximum of two hours per day while the parent/guardian remains onsite.

  • Snacks/drinks are not permitted.

  • Water in an enclosed container is permitted.

  • Diaper changing is available for children.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide diapers, wipes and spare cloths. If you wish to not have your child diapered staff needs to be notified at drop off.

  • To ensure the health of children and staff, kids who are sick (fever during the past 24 hours; unexplained rash; on antibiotic for contagious disease; lice; heavy nasal discharge, coughing or sneezing; vomiting or diarrhea during the past 24 hours) may not attend  Child Care. 

  • All personal belongings should be labeled.