Equipment Arrival Timeline

The Club will be fairly busy over the next few weeks. This week, all new cardio is getting installed onto the cardio deck. Once the new equipment is in place, the cardio equipment on the Fitness Area/Weight Floor and upstairs will be removed.

Beginning Friday, June 30, the Weight Floor/Fitness Area will close for upgrades and maintenance, and the majority of the equipment will be moved onto Basketball Court 1. Members should be able to resume workouts later that afternoon in the temporary space. 

The Weight Floor/Fitness Area will be closed until July 14. We will be cleaning this area thoroughly, painting, removing electrical tracks and replacing flooring. Because the temporary Weight Floor/Fitness Area will be located on Basketball Court 1 we will be down to only one court. A revised schedule for basketball court availability is posted on the Court 2 doors. 


Below is a short timeline of events:

June 27-29 

  • Cardio installation and removal
  • Basketball Court 2 CLOSED for equipment staging

June 30 

  • Strength equipment transported to Basketball Court 1
  • Weight Floor/Fitness Area CLOSED until late afternoon
  • Cardio equipment available to use on cardio deck

June 30 - July 14

  • Weight Floor/Fitness Area CLOSED 
  • Temporary Weight Floor/Fitness Area located on Basketball Court 1

July 14

  • Basketball Court 1 will reopen late afternoon
  • Strength equipment transported back to Weight Floor/Fitness Area
  • Weight Floor/Fitness Area open for use late afternoon

We are so excited about the new equipment and the new look of the Weight Floor/Fitness Area. We realize new equipment and a new layout might be difficult at first. Staff will be readily available to assist you in the process.