Elevator Renovations

ADA Access map.png

We are continuing our efforts for improvement in this phase of renovations by refurbishing and modernizing the elevator. During this process the elevator will need to be closed for approximately four weeks beginning Thursday, September 12.

While the elevator is closed for renovations, an alternate ADA entry will be available for those wishing to utilize the first floor. This access point will only be available to members who have limitations preventing them from using the stairs. The alternate ADA entry will be located between the Club entrance and the GPAC entrance. All other members will continue to use the temporary entrance.

The ADA entry will be staffed Mondays through Fridays, 7-11 am and 2-6 pm and Saturdays, 8-11 am. If access is needed outside of these hours, members can call 901-757-7370, and a staff member will be available to assist them. ADA parking is located directly in front of the alternate entry. Please see the map above to view the alternate ADA entrance and parking locations.

We realize this is an inconvenience to some; therefore, a membership freeze option is available at no charge for those preferring to wait to visit the Club until the elevator renovations are complete. Please contact Membership Sales Coordinator, Andrew Pitts, at 901-751-5680 if you would like to freeze your membership. 

Thank you for your patience.